UA-115456113-1 Nicole Wingate & Angie Sheets: Using Videos to Teach Core Vocabulary
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Nicole Wingate & Angie Sheets: Using Videos to Teach Core Vocabulary

August 21, 2018

This week, Chris interviews Nicole Wingate and Angie Sheets! Nicole is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Angie is an Intensive Intervention Specialist who created a series of online videos teaching high-frequency, versatile vocabulary words (i.e., core vocabulary). Before the interview, Rachel and Chris discuss topics related to using videos in their own practice, including: the difference between using videos for instruction and as a reward, using short animated films to model core vocabulary, why we should pause and re-watch videos with clients, the benefits of turning captions on, and how to use a client’s photos and videos to teach AAC and language. Following this, Chris sits down with Nicole and Angie. They share the story of deciding to make their own videos after finding few other videos about core vocabulary online. Their project has grown into a series of 30+ videos teaching core vocabulary concepts to students, teachers, and parents in a fun and engaging way. Nicole and Angie share a variety of practical tips about teaching core vocabulary, making videos, and the importance of sharing our own creative projects with others. 

Nicole and Angie's YouTube channel can be found by searching "Wings Works" on

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