UA-115456113-1 Michael Biel: Motivation and How It Can Influence AAC User Engagement
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Michael Biel: Motivation and How It Can Influence AAC User Engagement

January 22, 2019

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This week, Chris and Rachel talk about how to engage AAC users, improve their motivation, and why clinicians, not users, should be responsible for creating highly motivating activities. Rachel discusses how to utilize the iPad and augmented reality during therapy to create communication opportunities. The team also describes how to earn CEU’s for the “Talking with Tech” podcast (learn more at!

In this week’s interview, the TWT team talks with Dr. Michael Biel, Speech-Language Pathologist and professor at California State University, Northridge. Dr. Biel describes how he became interested in motivation for rehabilitation and how he can create treatment opportunities that engage clients and motivate them to persist in their efforts over time.

Next, Dr. Biel discusses Self-Determination Theory and how it applies to therapy. He also discusses how therapists can help motivate a client to make lasting changes to their behavior (e.g., changing how we ask a client what they want to accomplish in therapy). Dr. Biel discusses how to create an environment with clients where they feel they can be honest and genuine without repercussions or judgment. Dr. Biel then addresses the question of “How do I motivate my student when my student doesn’t seem to be motivated by anything?” The terms intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are defined and discussed, as well as the difference between engagement and empowerment. Respecting the autonomy of others is mentioned as a culminating point.

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