UA-115456113-1 Mo Buti: Tips for Writing IEPs and Working With IEP Teams
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Mo Buti: Tips for Writing IEPs and Working With IEP Teams

March 20, 2019

This week, Rachel and Chris connect with Chris’ wife, Melissa Bugaj to talk about what makes a successful IEP meeting! Melissa is Dean of Special Education at Loudoun Valley High School and has lots to share about effective meetings, including the need for open and transparent communication, the importance of agendas, and why involving parents before the IEP meeting is so important! Rachel also shares about her experiences with IEP meetings, and why, whenever possible, Rachel tries to talk with a student during an IEP meeting rather than about him or her.


Following this discussion, Chris interviews Mo Buti! Mo is an advocate and instructional advocate who works with school districts and families to ensure free and appropriate public education for students with a variety of disabilities and special needs. Mo is an expert in the IEP process, and provides amazing advice about a wealth of subjects related to IEPs, including writing measurable goals, using the word “benefit” vs “require”,  and the power of active listening!



Find out more about Mo Buti at her website:

Rachel’s recommended video messaging app: Marco Polo

Melissa’s book recommendation: Guide to Collaboration for IEP Teams by Nicholas R.M. Martin 

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