UA-115456113-1 Carrie Baughcum: Using Drawing to Teach Language
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Carrie Baughcum: Using Drawing to Teach Language

August 28, 2018

Talking with Tech is joined this week by Carrie Baughcum, a special education teacher who teaches language and literacy using a form of drawing called “sketchnoting”! Before the interview, Chris and Rachel discuss how to make drawing a language-rich activity, the benefits of child-directed therapy, and ways they incorporate drawing into their own therapy. Next, Chris is joined by Carrie Baughcum to talk about how she uses sketchnoting to improve visualization and teach language. During sketchnoting, Carrie reads a story (or teaches a lesson) while both she and the students draw several pictures about what they are thinking. In the interview, Carrie shares the story of how she and a friend turned sketchnoting into a classroom activity, and why this approach helps her students understand and remember material better. Carrie and Chris also discuss how to teach core words with sketchnoting, ideas for getting everyone to draw - no matter their skill, and more!


You can connect with Carrie on Twitter (@heckawesome) or at her website (!


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