UA-115456113-1 Betsy Furler: Running a Successful Private Practice
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Betsy Furler: Running a Successful Private Practice

September 4, 2018

Talking with Tech is joined this week by Speech-Language Pathologist, Author, AAC Specialist, and CEO of Communication Circles, Betsy Furler! Before the interview, Rachel and Chris engage in a discussion of several “back to school” topics, including: the importance of presuming that all of our students are competent enough to communicate, using the excitement of a new school year to promote AAC intervention, what to do when teachers and/or staff are more familiar with one app than another, and the idea of teaching 80% core words and 20% fringe words. Following this discussion, Lucas interviews Betsy Furler about her career as a consultant, advocate, author, business owner, and SLP! Betsy shares why she has focused her career on using technology to improve the lives of others, how she manages such a hectic schedule, and why blocking out “focus time” is so critical to her productivity. Then, Betsy discusses her work to bring technology and people with disabilities together through Finally, Betsy shares practical tips learned about running her own practice (; her strategy for hiring and retaining great SLPs; and the why letting go of perfectionism is so important.

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