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Adrienne: Using Sign Language & AAC to Support Language

November 20, 2018

This week, TWT interviews Adrienne of “Learn with Adrienne”, an SLP who specializes in early intervention. Through online videos, she has taught thousands of people how to use sign language to support a child’s language development.  She and Rachel discuss several topics, including how sign language and high-tech AAC can be used as part of a multi-modal approach!


Before the interview, Chris and Rachel talk about motivation and why it is such an important part of any intervention. Rachel shares a personal story about a difficult conversation she had with a peer, and why it is important not to be too hard on ourselves when there is a breakdown in communication. Rachel also talks about why we should “inspire not require” our students to communicate, and why placing repeated demands can be so disruptive to progress. Finally, Chris asks why we can't have an AAC course in high school or college - maybe even one that satisfies a language credit!


Next, Rachel interviews Adrienne! They discuss:

1) How Adrienne became interested in early intervention and sign language,

2) How research indicates that learning sign language doesn’t limit spoken language growth,

3) Why teaching sign language can help a child receive more positive feedback,

4) Why it can be helpful to teach students more than one communication modality - e.g., teach both sign language and high-tech AAC devices as needed, and

5) How we should receive an approximation of a sign when a child has their own way signing something!


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