UA-115456113-1 ABCs of AAC - Part 2 (Earn CEU Credit)
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ABCs of AAC - Part 2 (Earn CEU Credit)

August 6, 2019

This week, the TWT team presents the second half of the “ABCs of AAC.” This session was originally presented by Chris and Rachel as part of the SLP2B 2019 conference!


Before we present the second half of the “ABCs”, Chris and Rachel talk about augmented reality in therapy, the “Do Not Touch” app, supporting literacy, and more!


Key ideas this week include:

🔑 Rachel loves to use some slang in therapy because shared use of slang fosters peer acceptance. We need to program and teach users how to communicate in the same way others are communicating.

🔑 It helps to get the community involved with AAC, so more people know more about how to connect and interact with AAC users.

🔑  Avoid repeating phrases too often for children who use scripts. instead, teach language concepts as individual units so kids can say whatever they want to say, whenever they want to say it. 


Listen to part 1 of the “ABCs of AAC” and this week’s episode, then head to to earn CEU credit for listening!

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