UA-115456113-1 ABCs of AAC - Part 1 (Earn CEU Credit)
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ABCs of AAC - Part 1 (Earn CEU Credit)

July 31, 2019

This week, the TWT team presents the first half of the “ABCs of AAC.” This session was originally presented by Chris and Rachel as part of the SLP2B 2019 conference!


Before we present the first half of the “ABCs”, Chris and Rachel discuss using the power of core vocabulary, changes to their schedules from summer, celebrating an AAC user’s circle of support, and more!


Key ideas this week include:

🔑 Modeling looking for vocabulary (and using the search function) on a device is a great way to help everyone feel more comfortable looking for vocabulary.

🔑 “Think-alouds” can be used in combination with modeling on the device(e.g., “Hmmm…how do I search?”) to help clients think about solving the problem themselves.

🔑  The “ABCs of AAC” from Rachel and Chris is an excellent introduction into AAC and is intended for anyone interested in a better understanding of the fundamentals of AAC. 


Listen this week and to part 2 of the “ABCs of AAC” next week, then head to to earn CEU credit for listening to these episodes!

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